Taylor’s leadership in the Navy has taught him to put country before himself – and that’s exactly how he’ll lead in Congress. Missourians deserve a strong leader who will stand up and fight for individual liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility.


Election Integrity

As Boone County Clerk, Taylor fought for commonsense election protections to restore integrity to our elections. In Congress, he will continue to fight for transparency and accountability so every Missourian can trust that their vote counts.

Protecting Life

As parents of three young boys, Taylor and his wife believe that all life—born and unborn—is worthy of protecting. The federal government has usurped the role of states in the ill-founded Roe vs. Wade; Taylor will fight to defund Planned Parenthood and eliminate funding for abortion in international aid.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Missourians deserve to have their hard-earned dollars protected. Democrats reckless spending is already hurting families across the state – from inflation to high gas prices. I’ll fight to make sure your tax dollars aren’t wasted on liberal tax hikes and boondoggles.

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Supporting Our Troops

As a lieutenant commander in the Navy, Taylor knows first hand just how important our military is. In Congress, he will continue to fight to make sure our military receives the funding and respect it deserves.

National Readiness

One of the things we learned from COVID19 is that pandemics threaten public health, economic and national security, and our individual liberties. The United States must put ourselves in a position to never again be vulnerable to a global pandemic, especially when these public health threats originate from hostile foreign nations like China. The United States must invest in biosecurity measures to protect our national security and public health, so that our economic security and individual liberties are not threatened. Prevention, not reaction, is key to our long-term protection!

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Preserving Our Freedoms

Democrats don’t just want to raise our taxes, they want to take our guns. Taylor will fight to protect the second amendment so all Missourians can exercise their right to bear arms and protect their families.